February 27, 2010

how i met a lil girl named fatin

Posted by Zaza Zarith

yesterday i had wonderful outing with my besties, dila and abby and it was kinda late so we went to get our dose of coffee at starbucks.

i had an iced caramel machiatto (venti so more) which was so superb n yummy... 

so, i brought my harinezumi cam with me and was just chilling and taking pics with my friends (btw, my friend dila is now kinda obsessed with harinezumi as well...she cant stop taking pics with it...haha) and people eating at a shop opposite starbucks was kinda puzzled to see such a small camera. 

whilst i was slurping my machiatto (haha... coz it's just so lovely) and enjoying the advantage of using free wifi at starbucks, this lil girl of the age of 3 years old i think, with an adorable smile came all of a sudden near my window. she was smiling sweetly to me and ran back off.

then she ran back again next to me and ran back off again. so cute!

i couldn't help myself so i snapped a picture of her with my harinezumi...and snapped again and again. and i was not taking advantage of the girl i might add coz her parents was sitting ard a corner opposite us and they knew exactly what i was doing and didnt seem to mind (acquiescence by the way is considered as consent)... i  mean, if u were in my position, could u really help urself but not to take at least a pic of her?? i was just trying to make an adorable lil girl happy and she was practically throwing herself at me and was impliedly asking me with her big adorable eyes to take her pics. and i think she loved getting her pics taken.

anyways, after taking her pic each and everytime (my friend and i took the pics together btw), we showed her pics to her and she came and almost sat with us... haha.

and while showing her pics, we asked, 'who is this in the picture?' and she adorably said with her cute, cute, cute voice, 'this is fatin.'

so that's how we came to know of her name. fatin. sweet name suitable for a sweet lil girl.

eventually, her parents was about to leave to head back home and we practically had to tell her her parents was leaving. she didn't want to follow and wanted to stay taking pics i think... haha.

wonderful is it how photography and cameras can connect strangers and  make them become non strangers? i think there is truly magic inside this tiny plastic camera called digital harinezumi :)

* click digital harinezumi 2 to see more of her pics *