May 21, 2011

In depth step to customise VQ1015 entry firmware~

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Hi guys,

It's been awhile since I've written any post. I'm writing this post after i received a comment from Mathias in Germany on where to download the files for customisation of VQ1015 firmware (Hi Mathias! :))

I have uploaded the files that I have used to edit my VQ1015 and so far it still works. For those who are interested to customise your VQ1015 firmware, you can download it here.

Since the editing process is kinda complicated, I decided why not I just explain on what I know on how to make this process happen. My VQ1015 model is the model without the built in memory.

Basically, when you have downloaded the files that I've uploaded, you will see three things in the zip file, one jar file named vqtest.jar and two folders ie firmware0612-2 and firmware0727-2 as per below:

The vqtest.jar file has to be opened with Java SE Binary for those who are using Windows.

Here's what you'll see when you open the vqtest.jar file:

The next step is press the 'Load' tab and this is where the two folders firmware0612-2 and firmware0727-2 will come into use.
In both files, you will see a file named YHTMMSF.BIN.  However, don't be confused! Though both files contained the similar named BIN file but they are totally different. I repeat, totally different. That's why it is crucial to save each BIN file in different named folders.

This is because the BIN file in each folder contains different RGB characters. Now what does this mean?

Basically, firmware0727-2 is actually a replica of the firmware which comes with your VQ1015. This is the file you will use to customise your firmware according to your preference whereas firmware0612-2 is the firmware to use if you want to produce a black and white photo with your VQ1015.

Now, back to the process on how to customise your VQ1015 firmware, press the 'Load' tab (see the one in Red box):

Upload the BIN file contained in firmware0727-2 folder and start tweaking the RGB according to your preference!

You will be able to see the effect of the changes to the RGB in the picture on the left (as you can see in my example below).

Once you have found the result you desire, save the customised firmware that you have edited. 

It is advisable to save the customised firmware in a different folder, eg edited firmware

Also note that the file must be saved in the same name as the original file.

Now, after saving the edited firmware, here comes the process of  transmitting the edited firmware into your VQ1015. This process has to be done very carefully as if it is done incorrectly, your VQ1015 could end up dead.

The first precaution is make sure that your VQ1015 is fully charged. We wouldn't want your VQ to be dead in the middle of transferring the customised firmware into your VQ.

The second precaution is take out your SD card during the transmission. 

Here's the process on how to transmit the edited firmware

1. Connect your VQ1015 using the USB connection.

2. You will see DCIM folder. Open the DCIM folder and you will see the 1001IMAGE folder.


3. Place the customised firmware file in the 1001IMAGE.

4. Safely remove the hardware. Once the computer notifies that hardware can be safely removed, pull out the USB plug. Wait until you hear a long beep followed by a short beep. 

5. Switch on your VQ and start experimenting your customised firmware by taking pictures to see the results!

Here's what I've got.

This is definitely not the best result that I have managed to get but it's all trial and error process until you find the perfect colour combination that you like.

Now, to make your VQ take black and white picture, simply repeat Step 1-5. However, for Step 3, instead of copy pasting the customised firmware, simply copy paste the BIN file contained the firmware0612-2 folder.

To revert to the original firmware given by VQ, repeat the same Step 1-5 however for Step 3, simply copy paste the original BIN file (which has not been tweaked) contained in the firmware0727-2.

For more information, you can go to this website:

Hopefully my explanation is not that complicated and for Mathias,  happy tweaking :) 

April 2, 2011

a bottle of funny memories~

Posted by Zaza Zarith

This is a little souvenir I brought back from Indonesia just for memories' sake. Because of this little thing, I was chased by a waiter in Indonesia. I was so jakun when I saw this bottle (since in Malaysia we don't have it anymore), so I bought it and was aiming to savour each and every second of drinking out of this cute bottle and little did I know that in Indonesia, we only pay for the drink and we would have to return the bottle. So, I was drinking when somebody practically chased me to get the bottle back. I had to do a one shot on spot so that he could take the bottle. It was funny as well as embarrassing actually :) This particular bottle however, I managed to take it back after buying it at a nasi padang restaurant. I laugh every now and then when I looked at this bottle. Definitely one of my highlights thinking about my trip to Indonesia :D

March 30, 2011

continued, EPL-1 and some of the members Part IV

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Standard Number, you must be wondering right?

Got any ideas yet? Let me just let you in on the secret then~

So,  what does this bag have to do with Standard Number right? Well, when you have a camera, there's always a need for a camera bag! So this is actually a Lope Lope camera bag made by a brand known as Standard Number. The picture above was actually the box accompanied when purchasing the bag. Cool ain't it? I just love it! Hihi~ Though I got a free bag when purchasing my EPL-1, the bag was just too small and frankly speaking, didn't really match my outfits. So I wanted something which looks just like a normal bag but which is suitable to carry cameras. So I found this and I totally fell in love. 

Basically, this bag comes with a sponge camera divider therefore, it gives your camera extra protection when it is being carried in this bag. And the best part is, the sponge can be taken out and it can be used as a normal bag as well!

The bag is available in tan, dark brown, ivory and of course black. It is just too bad that the bag is about to be discontinued. I would really love for it to be produced in a bigger size and other designs coz it is just so pretty (for a camera bag, it is :))!

March 29, 2011

continued, EPL-1 and some of the members Part III

Posted by Zaza Zarith

This should be a short one.

Well, when one's got a basic lens, bokeh lens, what else does one need? A wide angle lens of course! Wide angle lens is a really good lens for landscape picture so that all the captivating scenes could be captured in one picture. Though a landscape might be beautiful, but capturing such landscape with basic lens would be such a waste as the detail of the surroundings could not be captured and such detail do make a difference to give a wow effect in a landscape picture. Well, this is all actually a recap of what I have read from numerous photoblogs...hehe~ But I have actually yet to capture landscape pictures or had the opportunity to use my JC Penny 28mm lens, another manual lens to accompany my EPL-1!

Got this lens at a really good price. Can't wait to see how it will perform. So, Ad, if you are reading this t, looking forward to our tentative plan to take pictures of the sunset...wohooooo~

March 28, 2011

continued, EPL-1 and some of the members Part II

Posted by Zaza Zarith

So, after purchasing my first cheap lens...i became more greedy...and i desperately wanted to experiment bokeh with this new dslr and what better lens to do that than a 50mm legacy, after browsing ebay looking for a good deal, i found a 50mm f2 pentax-M lens. From the discussions on flickr, this lens fair just as good though some prefer 50mm f1.4 due to the high aperture. High aperture means greater bokeh but of course, high aperture means more money. so I settled for this one for now.

Now, as my pentax 50mm is a K mount lens, therefore I bought  myself a K mount adapter. I've been reading about the Pixco adapter. I bought it but unfortunately, it doesn't fair that well. Maybe it's just mine that is kinda faulty. It was too tight when I first attached it and getting the lens out from the adapter was a pain as it seems stuck. I managed to get it out later. But then the trouble comes again where when I tried using it again, the lens was wobbling when attached to the adapter, making it really hard for me to manually focus. The little screw on the adapter keeps on getting loose and therefore, I decided to buy another adapter. With respect, I'm not trying to give bad repo to Pixco adapter. It's just my bad luck and I really find it a hassle to return it. Plus, finding the right adapter for certain lens is a common problem and for those who are not willing to invest on expensive ones, hence my case. So, I bought a K mount adapter called Fotasy and it was just perfect for my 50mm

Now that I've got my 50mm lens and adapter in my hands, it's bokeh time. First, I tried the basic bokeh. As we all know, in order to create bokeh, we need to have a source of light. Crank up your aperture wide open and focus accordingly. And walaaa~

Now, how do you get a shaped bokeh? It was not that hard at all actually. All you need to do is first cut any shape on a piece of black cardboard paper. Make sure the shape is in the middle of the lens and covers your lens. For those who aim on getting a perfectly cut shape, you can invest on shaped puncher. I bought mine at Daiso, The Curve.

For those who are not as lazy as me, you can make a lens hood or a lens hood where you can slide the  different shaped cards for ease of use. If you followed my method, this is what you get:

Not too bad huh? :) Easy ain't it? Go and give yourself a try! It's definitely pure fun!

February 10, 2011

a new member & some to the camera family :)

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Finally people! I get to buy myself a serious digital camera. EPL 1 :) I know, i know ... It's not the latest M43 or DSLR camera around but what the hell, the price is getting cheaper and plus, I have made up my mind and I don't intend on changing it.

The initial tests with the camera was a struggle being my ignorance with the features of the camera which is actually kinda basic if compared to DSLR, however after watching some tutorials of AdoramaTV on YouTube (for newbies, this really helps), reading numerous discussions on Flickr (thanks to all the ppl I got to know through Flickr by answering my silly questions, u guys r the best!) and reading my Dummy's Guide for EPL 1, I finally managed! Pheww ...

Neways, together with my EPL 1, I have added some other things to compliment my camera~ Some cool lenses of course!

Despite having the kit lens (which works superb outdoors during the daylight), it seems that EPL 1 works well with manual lenses as well. Being a M43 camera, EPL 1 can be used with manual lenses using third party adapters which you can find on ebay.

My first purchase was definitely the cheapest lens I could find ... haha ... So I bought a 24mm f1.4 c mount lens, which is unbranded and small. It's a fun lens and gives a kind of lomo feel to the digital pictures taken.

 taken using EPL 1 kit lens indoors unedited

Cute little thing aint it? Well, I bought mine on ebay and it was on promotion, so I grabbed it as soon as I can! hehe~ I bought an adapter for it as well~ 

 super thin c mount adapter

Wanna see the result I got with this teeny lens?

a picture of my kit lens, macro (notice the vignetting at the edge of the pics?)

 a picture of my favourite object of obsession (see the swirly effect?)

bokeh with the TV lens (bokeh was kinda harsh though)

All in all for RM60, i guess it's worth buying it if you wanna have fun once in a while and to get lomo feel to your digital pics.
Oh well, it's getting kind late. Will be continuing on the other lenses I bought later! Nite2!


October 31, 2010

i am officially healthy. :)

Posted by Zaza Zarith

today was overall a good day. went for a drive to my hometown. its been awhile.

i never knew there's a beach near Malacca. well there's actually one at Pengkalan Balak.

we were accompanying my mum for here 1954 class reunion whilst having a reflexiology treatment. i was announced healthy as a bee by the reflexiologist which is a relief...hihi...

Pengkalan Balak was actually kind of a good place to relax and to catch 'udang geragau' and fishes if you are into fishing. it was windy which was a bliss however there's no fancy hotel room there unlike Port Dickson but i like it. the sea water is better than PD and it was not as hot as in PD...

after enjoying the reflexiology treatment, went to Malacca town for the famous 'cucur udang' which was yummylicious.

got a few pics also. makes me feel so giddy...hihi~

October 24, 2010

chillaxing company trip

Posted by Zaza Zarith

had a company trip to pd...was staying at legend water chalet...the place was alright overall, we didnt stayed that long or do that much...but still it was fun time to relax with your colleagues. really love the room, the fluffy pillow and having a dip in the pool...