February 24, 2010

meant to be

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Yay!!! After a few weeks of not seeing each other due to the hols, last Sat i went on a date with my boyfriend :) We watched 'Valentine's day'. The movie was quite good but i'm not so sure about Jenn Garner and Ashton combination though. Is it just me or don't they just look 'not right' together. And Taylor Swift... where do i begin?? I really like her voice and songs, but maybe she should just stick to that. But she was funny on one scene in the movie though, the part when she was dancing at the field... that was hilarious.

Ok. So the best part of our date was both of us had a dress-up theme which was 'doc martens' theme! Dats rite... After several unsuccessful attempts of getting meself a pair of these beauties, i finally got my hands on it. and i don't mind it being a second hand since it still looks untouched and brand new :)

The funny thing was, the first time i saw these boots in a thrift-vintagy shop in bb plaza, the first thought that crossed my mind was that it was meant for my boyfriend and i knew that he was trying hard to get a pair of the black coloured ones.

neways, since i saw it way long time before, i never thought that it would still be there and i was at the point of giving up when i suddenly remembered i saw it at the store.

not putting too much hope, i went to the shop and miraculously, it was there and it was such a perfect fit. if i had me some of those cinderella shoes, i think these booties would be 'the one' for me.

maybe, i saw it coz it was meant for me. Or maybe the booties was waiting for someone who would truly appreciate it to be its rightful owner?

who knows right? maybe it was meant to be :)

whatever it is, i've already figured out loads of clothes to pair it with... can't wait for a day out again with my dm(s).

*taken with me agfa b & w mode*

*his & hers*