* picture courtesy of photo.net *

cute ain't it. well don't be mistaken peeps. this is not an analog film camera...no siree...this is a replica of the rollei tlr camera however it is digital!

this is the cute Rolleiflex Minidigi AF 5.0 MP.

never heard of Rollei? Rollei is a company in Germany which is well known for its film camera. This replica however is not entirely a product of Rollei but instead is a collaboration between a German manufacturer called Minox together with a Japanese manufacturer known as Sharan.

stumbled upon this camera while i was browsing pictures in flickr. 

previously it was available in 2 mps however it has been upgraded to 5 mps but i gotta say its kinda expensive for its size. add another few hundred MYR and u can get a dslr or a compact digital camera.  how much does it cost u ask? it ranges from MYR 1,700 to MYR 1,900. say what??! say wat indeed... thought of  considering it but after a  looky at the price...naah...dun't think so. not for a toycamera i suppose. is it worth it? hard to tell~ these kinda tiny cameras sometimes can catch u off guard and u will never expect wat kinda picture it will produce. but then again are we paying the price merely for its cute design? hmmm...somethg to think about.

though it might seem that there's two lenses on this camera (that's how it got its name...rolleiflex stands for twin reflex), don't be fooled. only one is functioning. it has crack level at the side and everytime a picture is taken, you will have to turn the lever to take the next picture. guess this feature was made so to give the feel of picturetaking using a classic and vintage camera. 

gotta say rollei is really brilliant by creating a cute design to this camera to draw the attention of the market and public. just look at how gorgeous it is and  it's available in red too?! one might buy it just coz of its cute and retro look. 

as for me, i'll just stash my cash, add in a few hundred and buy meself a compact digital cam instead. one should only invest their money for this minidigi if there's extra cash in the pocket.

click here for more info on this camera and rollei products.

see the pics taken with rolleiflex minidigi from flickr and judge for yourself whether it's worth it or not.