March 10, 2010

exemode sq28m pokedigi/fdc01 *updated*

Posted by Zaza Zarith

So i got myself a new toy camera! Yahooo!! bought it from Gala gala online shop which is the only online camera shop in Malaysia at the moment which sells this toycamera. Thanx to tell ya, love their service. speedy and very prompt in answering my emails... :)

Neways, wat about this camera?

Actually, I've come to know abt this camera from a blog of a Japanese photographer who happens to love cameras and tells informative info bout latest cameras around the world. through him actually i've come to know about my baby, digital harinezumi 2... Arigato neh Mr Mijo@Mijonju :)

So, when i read his review about this camera (click here to see his page) and watched his video on youtube, i knew i could trust his opinion and desperately searched for the toycam. and i'm not dissappointed :D

Basically it is somewhat like vq 1015 entry, being it is a keychain camera. However, don't misunderstand my words, when i say it is "somewhat like" vq coz i don't mean it from the picture results perspective or the features though. besides the size, both are totally different keychain cams.

So which one is better?

Well, it is unfair for me to compare btwn the two coz each camera gives different effect. Based on my view though, here's the pros and cons between the two:

vq 1015

pros : 
- flexibility to change the resolution of picture
- self timer
- vignetting effect

cons :
- not-so good in low light
- one mode of picture only
- uses AAA battery
- 1.3mp

exemode sq28m pokedigi/fdc01

pros :
- 4 modes ; normal, monochrome, noise and vivid effect
- no need for battery (self charged in usb mode and battery can stand till one week per charge-depends on
- 1.9 mp (slightly sharper than vq)
- takes better pics in low light

- no self timer (not that i know of)
- fixed resolution
- lags in saving pics after taking pictures
- in some pictures, a thin line might appear (if u r unlucky)

However, just so u know, for vq 1015, the mode of the picture can be changed  to b & w through firmware installation provided by the creator of the toycam at their website however it must be done at your own risk. one wrong move, your camera could end up in the dustbin. besides that, there's also an editor for vq entry which allows the users to customize their own mode by tweaking the colour according to their preference. it does look interesting from the looks of the pictures in flickr but im not brave enough to try it yet. other than that, with vq, u can also experiment using IR filters or developed film to get IR effect. sounds really cool. so, vq entry is more of an experimental kinda toycamera. just broaden ur mind and maybe u too can figure out fun ways to get interesting pictures from vq.

But to those who are not adventurous enough or don't wanna go through the hassle, maybe exemode is for u.

As for me, i don't really know which category i fall under, so that's why i bought both! Haha.



after using fdc01, i find that the USB self charge feature in fdc01 could be of disadvantages as well:
1) there's no flexibility in changing batteries. so when going for travelling, it is quite a hassle since u can't change ur batteries unless if u travel together with ur lappie and there's also the hassle of bringng the usb cable as well;
2) the battery drains after one week despite the fact that the camera is turned off and is not used (I'm giving this statement based on my personal experience with my fdc01 but I dunno about others though).