March 17, 2010

Sigma DP2s - Improved auto focus

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Huhu...just watched Mijonju's video on youtube bout Sigma DP2s camera...there was a huge camera fair in Japan and he went there exclusively to take a peek on the camera...

Previously there were a lot of complaints about DP2s elder sister ie DP2 that the auto focus on that camera was super slow and after checking out DP2s, Mijonju has kinda confirmed that the auto focus now is faster. Argghhh...a faster auto focus and a huge sensor...i am tempted....i am torn between Sigma DP2s and Olmpus E-PL1...huhu...

But DP2s's news but its definitely not gonna be cheap...huhu~ wish they sell Sigma in really... :(

Sigma DP2s * picture courtesy of *

For more info on Sigma DP2s, click here

In the meantime, enjoy this slideshow of pictures taken with Sigma DP2 and DP2s from flickr.