March 12, 2010

can i have my wish??

Posted by Zaza Zarith

no more cotton on, no more MYR 25 clothes in sungei wang and no more occasional visits to diary of an e-shopaholic website. i need to be stingy and save up every cent that i've got for this:

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Olympus E-PL1. Ain't it a beauty? this is what u call evolution people. As we can see, everywhere we go, people have been carrying dslrs around their necks to capture pictures and it has become a trend now in Malaysia. I love toycameras a lot, really I do, but I guess a dslr in hand would do no harm as well. I would really like to have one but for me the function is just too complicated for a newbie like me and i find it too heavy to be carried around everywhere.

Thankfully, im not the only one who thinks so. Thank god there's a genius out there who feels the same way as i do and decided to merge two elements ie the body of a digital camera together with dslr lens. and this is what u get. a compact digital camera. It is slightly bigger than a normal digital camera but definitely smaller than a dslr. With this camera, u can put it inside ur pocket and carry the lens in a small bag wherever u go and at the same time, u can capture dslr quality pictures.

Initially i really wanted a Sigma DP2 compact camera coz the picture produced by it is just way amazing due to its humungous sensor. however, some complained that the auto focus function was too damn slow and it eats a lot of the battery power. plus it is really expensive and it is not available in Malaysia. and the lens is fixed so u will not have the advantage of changing ur camera lens unlike a dslr camera. u r just stuck with one lens only. the company who produces Sigma DP2 have come out with Sigma DP2s to make up for the blunders they've made when producing DP2 however it is predicted that the camera price is gonna be around Euro 800 which is damn expensive after converting to MYR.

So, after receiving advice from an expert fellow blogger and camera-holic pal (thanx there), Olympus E-PL1 was gonna be my choice (if i managed to collect the money eventually...haha). It's gonna be launched in Malaysia this coming week and the price is kinda cheap for a compact digital camera which is around MYR 2,500. So it is quite an average budget if u are gonna invest ur money on a compact digital camera. even though the size of the sensor is not gonna be the same as Sigma's but the good side of it is the AF is much faster than DP2 and the lens of the camera can be changed. plus they have also managed to slot in  a pop up flash in cases where u wanna capture pics in low light.

this camera is really suitable for newbies like me since they have provided a simplified function for dslr wannabes and there's also the advantage of live guide mode. This live guide mode enables the user to view the pictures the camera will produce if certain effects is being used prior to capturing the picture. Sounds good right? For further info on the camera u can head on to Olympus Malaysia website which also provides a virtual live guide mode for testing.

Hope I'll manage to collect the money soon. I can do it!! :) 

Here's samples of pictures from Olympus E-PL1 group from Flickr

toodles lovelies~