April 11, 2010

ultrafire rechargeable CR2 batteries

Posted by Zaza Zarith

yay!! the day i have been waiting for :) (thanx adelin)

finally i got my CR2 batteries i ordered from ebay. no more Energizer CR2 non-rechargeable batteries for my digital harinezumi 2.

The package comes with:

# 4 CR2 batteries
# charger
# cable for the charger
# 2 magnetic spacers

magnetic spacer

As you can see in the picture above, the two small metal pieces in between the CR2 batteries is what u call a magnetic spacer. Since the charger given in this package is a universal charger ie it can also be used for CR123A and 18350 batteries, the spacer is required to be used when charging the CR2 batteries to fill in the gap when inserting the CR2 battery into the charger battery compartment.

So where do we place the magnetic spacer?

The spacer is to be placed at the negative end of the battery. I tried both ways actually but i find it more convenient to place it at the end of the negative plat since the bottom of the negative plat of the battery is flat so the placement is much more appropriate and it is also proven that this position works since after 2 hours of charging, my battery charge has turned full.

For those who find it is quite a hassle to use the magnetic spacer, maybe you guys should consider buying the CR2(s) with charger especially to fit CR2 batteries.

* negative end of the battery*

 * the dual charger for CR2 (with spacer), CR123A & 18350 battery*

* another choice for charger - picture from www.dhgate.com *

important pointers

Since there is no user guide, basically the important pointers on how to charge ultrafire CR2 batteries are:
#  select the preferable charge ie 3.0 or 3.6 volt (i choose 3.0 volt as a safety precaution)
# insert the CR2 batteries together with the magnetic spacer in the charger compartment
# plug in the charger
# you will see the LED light blinking in red 
# once the battery is fully charged, the LED will turn into green colour (usually after 2 hours of charge, the light will turn to green colour).

* goodbye energizer !!! *

*  hello ultrafire~ :) *

The price

All in all, after conversion to MYR, the price for the package totals to MYR 78.00 and the shipping is free :) estimated arrival is around 2 weeks after shipping of the batteries from Hong Kong. 

for the link on ebay : Ultrafire CR2 batteries

for those using digital harinezumi, it is definitely worth investing on one of these.

hopefully these batteries will last longer than the Energizer batteries.

*cross my fingers*

p/s: always remove your CR2 batteries from your digital harinezumi 2 after use. after some observation, i noticed that when u leave your batteries inside your camera after usage, the battery drains much faster. its a good practice as well to avoid any battery leakage that would permanently damage your camera.


this fleeting moment said...

please tell us how good they are. I would really like to get some! too much $$ on batteries!

zaza zarith said...

ok...no problem...will feed back with you after one week or more of use ok? but so far i've used it yesterday to take ard 40 something pics (some r macro) and it is still full...usually after 3 days of continuous use, my normal battery will be dead :)

annie fadzilah said...

hi dear, im looking for a rechargeable batt as well.. and for my digi hari too. how do u find the charger so far? do let me kno..