May 9, 2010

digital harinezumi 2 - @ DeLicious One Utama

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Watching the Japanese drama "Antique" starring Hideaki Takizawa about 4 man and a distinctive antique decor cake shop with unique yet tantalising pastries and cakes had my sweet tastebuds raging all week, so I decided to take the opportunity of this weekend's outing with my DP to treat ourselves with yummy desserts @ DeLicious, One Utama.

My baby looks super duper tired...Nvm, i will treat you with some sweet desserts... :)

Mr DP had a slice of banana chocolate cake (Mr DP is not the adventurous type...hihi) and I tried sticky dates pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream....yummmm! but can't have a lot of it though coz its kinda sweet... The price was okay but the service was, sorry to say, kinda lousy. It took about half an hour for me n my dp to get our Cokes and the position of our table didnt help either since we were seated near to the entrance, thus the waiters rarely pass by our table. I know that the place have been packed from morning till nite, but come on people, we are not asking much. Just give us 2 cans of Coke and 2 glasses. It shouldnt be that hard right? I've seen better service at chillis and tgi friday's with lesser staff onboard. At least, give us better service, we did pay service tax you know and it aint cheap let me tell ya...I rarely get annoyed by stuff like this, but after asking for our Cokes for numerous times, who wouldn't be irritated right? Fortunately for them, I didnt bring a pen, if not, I would've wrote a long comment on their feedback form. Neways, no complaints on the food though. Btw, I did take away one of the scrumptious looking cupcakes from the cupcake mania promotion Delicious is having at the moment. Though its RM6.90 per cupcake, but i couldnt resist...after hearing 'apple crumble cupcake with butterscotch topping', who wouldnt be right? And I also packed meself a strawberry shortcake. It reminds me of the Japanese Drama "SOS" starring Hideaki Takezawa and Kyoko Fukada...haha :D


my sticky dates pudding

Love the to-go paper packaging

my apple crumble butterscotch cupcake...super yummy...the topping is a cheesy butterscotch icing...similar to red velvet cupcake...the cupcake is moist and the icing is not too sweet...just the right amount of sweetness...


my strawberry shortcake with biscuit crumbs at the bottom...kinda nice...the cream outside is not too creamy or too sweet and is very light, the sweetness of the strawberry jam in between the layers of the sponge is just nice as well