February 19, 2010

i dream of eiffel

Posted by Zaza Zarith


* taken with vq 1015 entry editted *

today is 'flyday' and as usual i came to work a tad bit late coz i was clueless on what to wear on casual fridays.
and when i just figured out the perfect attire to wear, i couldnt find it... huhu~ always weird is it how somethg goes missing when u r looking for it...well, at least, that's what happens to me almost ALL THE TIME!

neways, today is shauna's last day working as my fellow colleague and she's leaving to achieve her dreams. i have never seen anybody look more happier...haha!

poor shauna has been my neighbour for this past 10 months and listening to me babble my way until 6 o' clock... would be weird not having anybody sitting beside me though, talking about fashion, clothes and laughing to silly thgs... looks like i'll be talking to myself from now on...hope nobody will think i'm going bonkers though... hehe

btw, i inherited a cute white butterfly thingie as a gift from shauna... it now has its new place on my office flat comp screen...

hmmm... (*thinking***) everybody seems to be following their dreams... makes me think about my dream. i've always wanted to go Paris, see the Eiffel Tower. I bet the scenery is just magnificent there... will i ever get to see it though? i wonder...

got a fortune cookie today. It said 'don't wait for your ship to come in; swim to it.'

Is it just a coincedence or maybe it's a sign?

All of a sudden i feel like listening to Vanessa Paradis... ok, will be blogging later and hopefully will be uploading lovely pics soon :D toodles~ 

p/s: to shauna : thanx for being a lovely companion through my boring days in ln... my working days would be boring without u... :)

song of the day : Divine Idylle by Vanessa Paradis


shauna r. said...

awww .. i'm gonna miss you dear! but we'll definitely be in touch yea .. thanks for having been great company throughout my stint at ln .. will miss our chitchat sessions too :(

p/s love the pic !

zaza zarith said...

definitely...rumah dekat je kot...haha...cant wait to see u on 27th and take loads of pics...please dress our heart out tau...thanx babe...my own version of eiffel tower for now :)

shauna r. said...

btw good job in sprucing up ur blogsite :P

zaza zarith said...

thanx babe. will be announcing my blogsite officially once all pics are uploaded and got a few interesting ramblings...haha