February 20, 2010

me, toy cameras & photography

Posted by Zaza Zarith

i have never been a picture taker. i was never photogenic and i've always dreaded looking at the outcome of my pictures and how the digital cameras have managed to focus on my imperfections. the only digital camera i had was a digital olympus camera and everytime i went for an event, i was just too lazy to take out my camera and capture the happenings around me.

despite all that, when my olympus camera broke for whatever reason i was not aware of (coz i seldom use it except for special occasions), at the back of my evil shopaholic mind, then, i had found a new reason to find myself a new one. and boy, didn't i know it was just not gonna be a camera. haha...

so, knowing how particular i am, i googled myself away, searching for the perfect kinda camera for me. at that time, i was totally unaware of the 'lomography' and 'toy camera' concept.

a cute mini polaroid-ish camera caught my attention while i was watching a show on tv one day, so soon after, i started doing my research. fujifilm instax mini 7s was the name of the cute camera, later i found out.

consequently i found other interesting, unique and wonderful cameras together with it on brilliant camera blogsites handled by really wonderful people who wish to introduce malaysia to the world of 'imperfection is also beautiful' kinda photography. i really do appreciate the effort of these camera blogsites coz 'sometimes', i gotta say, it is really hard to find these kinda thgs in the malaysian market. They have given an ordinary person like me, who can't afford an expensive dslr camera, resources and means to take beautiful pictures.

todate, i am a proud owner of  four digital toy cameras ie digital harinezumi 2, vq 1015 entry, agfa 505-d and fujifilm instax mini 7s. i don't intend to stop there... haha. a word of warning though to those who has the intention to indulge themselves in this field, be careful coz it is truly addictive. once you've started, you will be wanting more!

i gotta say, there are really brilliant talented genius people in this world. the creators of these cameras are among a few of them coz they have created these tiny, handy, low resolution megapixel cameras which magnificently produces nostalgic and beautiful pictures once u decide to snap away. despite how one might think what a waste of money or how useless these things are, i beg to defer and i totally disagree.

for a person like me, who doesn't  have a single creative enzyme in me, these cameras slowly taught me to be more creative and to see thgs in a totally different manner while having a blast as well :)

beauty can come in many forms and could also come from simple thgs. it is everywhere around us and i have come to appreciate everything i have around me and in my life.

truly, the clouds have never been so beautiful before this. now i have became a cloud junkie.haha.

and i've realised that life is too short. we should make every moment worthwhile and memorable and should take the liberty of documenting every single moment of it.