April 13, 2010

april gadget wishlist

Posted by Zaza Zarith


anti clockwise:
olympus E-PL1, fisheye lens attachment, c-mount adapter for micro 4/3, cosmicar 25mm f1.4, pentax micro 4/3 adapter

sx-70 and impossible project polaroid film

pentax auto 110 lenses

(All the pictures here are taken from various website and not one of my own)

Thanx to Mr Mijo@Mijonju from www.circlerectangle.com for answering my questions on cameras and thanx also to my flickr frens for sharing all the knowledge they have with me on cameras. without them, i am just an ignorant gal with zero knowledge about cameras...

Now that I have my list, all I need to do is win a jackpot...haha :D