April 12, 2010

i need more space!!!

Posted by Zaza Zarith

currently, i keep my harinezumi and toycameras in one of this purses. it is decent enough and can fit one harinezumi and 2 keychain toycameras. but im thinking of buying something tidier and sleeker though.

picture from http://8storeytree.com 

came across this flip pouch while google-ing. it can fit two cameras or one camera and one charger. guess it is tidier coz the design is in square. but i wish there was something slightly bigger. plus, the price is not so cheap maybe coz it is imported from korea. dunno how harinezumi will fit in one of these though. however, love the birdie logo at the front...gives a personal touch to it. it is also available in tan and pink but i like cream colour the best.