April 7, 2010

a nite @ garden lifestyle restaurant with AGFA 505-D

Posted by Zaza Zarith

my family and I went to the garden lifestyle restaurant in One Utama new wing to celebrate my mother's birthday. it was a slight change from our usual food escapade @ chillis.

brought my AGFA 505-D with me. since my other toy cameras was not really prone to low lights, AGFA was the way to go that day since it comes with a flash. but i didnt have the need to use it anyway that night. this camera is a great alternative for a normal digital camera. it is quite clear despite the fact that it's just 5 megapixels. however, the flash could be glaring to the eyes at times but the results is not too over flashy though.

my niece, umayra

she really loved the strawberry mouse

my niece feeding my mum a piece of her cake. cute aint it? :)


blurryhanis said...

cantik+cool pic nie...sis nk mtk pndpt antara AGFA 505-D n Harinezumi 2 to mane better ek?

Zaza Zarith said...

thanxs hanis :)

hmmm...sumenye depends on what kind of camera hanis is looking for.if u r looking for a camera which produces a quirky, cool n weird picture results n don't mind them not being clear, then go for digital harinezumi 2.but if u r looking for something with no quirky toycamera like effects n an alternative to a digital camera with a matte kind of result, buy agfa.

as for me, i love digital harinezumi and i use agfa untuk alternative for digital camera.

kalau nak beli digital harinezumi, beli digital chinon or digital harinezumi 2++++ :)

blurryhanis said...

ok thanks for info sis :)

Zaza Zarith said...

no problem :) if u wanna know anything else, dunt hesitate to ask :) btw, u can visit my blog n compare the difference between agfa pics and digital harinezumi pictures ya!

blurryhanis said...

ok i will n thanks again ;)..between chinon and harinezumi 2++ which one you choose? and what the different between both camera..

Zaza Zarith said...

ok...basically with digital harinezumi 2 that i am now using, the special features are u can take pictures also in black and white and u can take video with sound. however, there's no live review. meaning u cant see what u r capturing (unlike camera phone or digital camera). so u can only see the pictures after u have captured it using review.

as for digital harinezumi 2+++, its the latest version of digital harinezumi 2, whereby there's a direct button to turn on the black n white mode (which digi hari 2 lacks) and u can turn on and turn off the sound when u r taking videos. and if im not mistaken, there's is live review.

digital chinon is a sibling of digital harinezumi first edition (which was later discontinued). it is very limited in quantity and those looking for the first edition digi hari will buy digi chinon coz the features is exactly the same. ramai nak beli digi chinon coz with this version, u can tweak the color of ur pictures using rgb. so u akan dpt cool results. n some say the colour of digi chinon lagi nampak old film compared to digi hari 2. digi chinon ade live review jgk tapi no black n white n video mode xd sound.

so sumenye skrg depends on preference hanis what kind r u looking for :)

blurryhanis said...

thanks sis ;)..i choose harinezumi 2++..i just drop my order at one click shop..btw i just saw circlerectangle.com new chinon x harinezumi 2++ just coming out..it seen cool!!

Zaza Zarith said...

really??i bought my harinezumi from click shop too...amik gmbr jgn lupe share k! enjoy ur harinezumi!! (berjaya menghasut sumbody beli harinezumi...hihi) btw, it is really a cool camera :)