April 6, 2010

vq 1015 entry - on my way home

Posted by Zaza Zarith

* beautiful ain't it? *

* love the silhouete *


this fleeting moment said...

very nice photos. the colors are so nice.love taking pics while i'm stuck in traffic!

zaza zarith said...

yup...me too...haha :D but kinda dangerous actually! (^ ^)

zaza zarith said...

but i guess best pictures can be taken when u r walking...

Matthias Klose said...

dear zaza,

very nice firmware modifications :) awesome photos. would you provide a download link for those vq1015 entry firmwares with example photos?

would be lovely to hearing from you.

all the best

matthias / berlin, germany

Zaza Zarith said...

@Matthias Klose: Hi Matthias, thank you for looking at my blog and commenting. With regard to your question, you can see the link below. Hopefully this post will answer all your queries:


Good luck and happy tweaking!


Zaza from Malaysia :)