May 26, 2010

sq28m pokedigi - demonstration

Posted by Zaza Zarith

My colleague was so taken by how pwetty sq28m looks n  the two cute colours available but i totally think vq 1015 entry gives better result despite its bulky exterior... took random pics with sq28m and my colleague too took few pics with sq28m for the first time~

his~ not bad at all...hihi~

my failed attempt using macro! to get the co-rrectt focus length!

his! my team's product...aja2x fighting MLJ team!! :D

 mine :P

 mine~ journals v book

mine!!! :) cant believe the TNB building would turn out to look like this! nice~


ah Neh said...

hey...i like ur photo..they r nice..btw do u noe where can i get this toy camera?

ah Neh said...

hey...i love ur pic..they r so nice... u noe where can i get this toy camera??

Zaza Zarith said...

hi ah neh...thanx for viewing my pics...

to buy the camera, u can go to this website:

i bought mine from this blog...happy shopping =)