May 31, 2010

short vacay to penang

Posted by Zaza Zarith

it's been a while since i went for a vacation...

i wish i could say i did loads of things during the holiday to penang but truth to be told, it was not the perfect trip that u would imagine...there was a heavy haze at the penang bridge, bukit bendera unfortunately was under construction, most of the time me & my kakaks just ended up getting lost finding the best nasi kandar in town, which, btw, we managed to find at jalan lintang kampung melayu 2, or we ended waking up late due to late night gossiping...and yet now, when i reminisce abt how we laugh our heads off to our nite gossiping, the absolute fun we had impersonating the toy figures we saw at the toy museum or the time we sang our hearts out while we were getting lost and the sight of one of my kakak's showing off her floating skills in the pool, i feel content and felt that it was the best holiday ever and am missing the moments already!!! it was just pure joy and satisfying, and just the food to my soul :)

the wait 

view from our hotel balcony

gurney fountain



otw to buy jeruk (fruit pickle)


vistana hotel where we stayed

penang bridge

on our way back thru the tunnel~