August 2, 2010

i am truly happy.

Posted by Zaza Zarith

My Sunday was definitely dreamy and lovely :)

Call me crazy but there isn't anything special that i really did...

After picking me and chatting with my mom, my boyfriend and I went for a movie marathon and watched Inception and The Sorcerer's Apprentice...

And went to find my birthday present and got a birthday cake from Mr DP...BR's peanut butter chocolate with vanilla sponge ice cream cake...super yummy :)

The highlight of my day was getting a surprise birthday card from  Mr DP (you were really cute in your card sayang) and taking pictures with my instax of course! :D

Heart the results a lot!!!!

Though some might feel sad turning a year older, all i can feel now is the feeling of content =)

p/s: (will be keeping the last picture close to me so that i can see you everytime that i miss you.)


misery strayer said...

happy bithday zee..

Zaza Zarith said...

@ misery strayer - thanx for the wish :)

Yes2Film said...

cool pics :)

Zaza Zarith said...

@Yes2Film: Thanks! :)