July 31, 2010

fujifilm instax 7s

Posted by Zaza Zarith

wow! it's been quite sometime since i've blogged~

life has been busy but all in all, in a very good way.

this week has been a great week thanks to everybody around me and their wishes and celebration.

thank u so much everybody!!

well, tomorrow i'm celebrating my belated birthday and im intending to use my pink instax mini.

i bought this instax mini around end of last year and have saved on using it for special occasions only due to its kinda expensive film. the film costs around RM25-28 per box (10 instax film in each box). However, the film can be bought in bundle @ ebay and i'm guessing the price might be cheaper.

so today after months of purchasing it, i get to load the film and managed to take a few test pics :))


mr teddy, my fav camera experiment object

Actually, my scanner really didnt do justice to the real pictures. The pictures captured by instax mini is slighty warmer and saturated compared to the ones shown above. My face looks slightly white due to the flash. The flash can't be turned off. However, i dont think it's a bad thing. It is definitely better compared to not having any.

I was kinda worried when i took the picture at first coz the film was all white even though i have captured the pics. But after quite sometime, i saw the pics developed. so if it is your first time using it, dont panic like me...hehe~

My second picture was actually taken using a macro cum mirror lens that could be attached to the instax lens. It makes it really easy for you to take self potrait pictures of yourself. However, i guess i should've tilted my angle slightly lower as you can see the space above my head.

The third pic was taken using the macro lens but it didnt really appear that macro. my bad i guess...hehe...i did took the picture from the angle they suggested ie 40cm to 60cm. Maybe next time i should position my camera closer or should choose a better subject like a flower or somethg that u can really see the macro effect...but i love how the picture turned out :) Mr teddy looks just fineeee~

This camera is really worth buying coz it is not so expensive, cute and i love the business card size film. U can take a picture of your loved ones and put it in your purse or u can make a scrap book out of the films with notes on the pictures as a gift to your special one. It is definitely collectable and you wont regret buying it.

However, be wise in using the film as it is not cheap unless u can afford using it in expense. If not, use it to capturely special moments, like me :D


n-j-b said...

menarik sgt ok! i think i shud get polaroid la kan. haha aku ni kata aje nak beli camera, dah 2 bulan nak masuk 3 bulan tak beli2 lagi.

Zaza Zarith said...

haha...tau xpe...best gile jib polaroid...hehe