October 31, 2010

i am officially healthy. :)

Posted by Zaza Zarith

today was overall a good day. went for a drive to my hometown. its been awhile.

i never knew there's a beach near Malacca. well there's actually one at Pengkalan Balak.

we were accompanying my mum for here 1954 class reunion whilst having a reflexiology treatment. i was announced healthy as a bee by the reflexiologist which is a relief...hihi...

Pengkalan Balak was actually kind of a good place to relax and to catch 'udang geragau' and fishes if you are into fishing. it was windy which was a bliss however there's no fancy hotel room there unlike Port Dickson but i like it. the sea water is better than PD and it was not as hot as in PD...

after enjoying the reflexiology treatment, went to Malacca town for the famous 'cucur udang' which was yummylicious.

got a few pics also. makes me feel so giddy...hihi~