February 10, 2011

a new member & some to the camera family :)

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Finally people! I get to buy myself a serious digital camera. EPL 1 :) I know, i know ... It's not the latest M43 or DSLR camera around but what the hell, the price is getting cheaper and plus, I have made up my mind and I don't intend on changing it.

The initial tests with the camera was a struggle being my ignorance with the features of the camera which is actually kinda basic if compared to DSLR, however after watching some tutorials of AdoramaTV on YouTube (for newbies, this really helps), reading numerous discussions on Flickr (thanks to all the ppl I got to know through Flickr by answering my silly questions, u guys r the best!) and reading my Dummy's Guide for EPL 1, I finally managed! Pheww ...

Neways, together with my EPL 1, I have added some other things to compliment my camera~ Some cool lenses of course!

Despite having the kit lens (which works superb outdoors during the daylight), it seems that EPL 1 works well with manual lenses as well. Being a M43 camera, EPL 1 can be used with manual lenses using third party adapters which you can find on ebay.

My first purchase was definitely the cheapest lens I could find ... haha ... So I bought a 24mm f1.4 c mount lens, which is unbranded and small. It's a fun lens and gives a kind of lomo feel to the digital pictures taken.

 taken using EPL 1 kit lens indoors unedited

Cute little thing aint it? Well, I bought mine on ebay and it was on promotion, so I grabbed it as soon as I can! hehe~ I bought an adapter for it as well~ 

 super thin c mount adapter

Wanna see the result I got with this teeny lens?

a picture of my kit lens, macro (notice the vignetting at the edge of the pics?)

 a picture of my favourite object of obsession (see the swirly effect?)

bokeh with the TV lens (bokeh was kinda harsh though)

All in all for RM60, i guess it's worth buying it if you wanna have fun once in a while and to get lomo feel to your digital pics.
Oh well, it's getting kind late. Will be continuing on the other lenses I bought later! Nite2!