May 21, 2011

In depth step to customise VQ1015 entry firmware~

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Hi guys,

It's been awhile since I've written any post. I'm writing this post after i received a comment from Mathias in Germany on where to download the files for customisation of VQ1015 firmware (Hi Mathias! :))

I have uploaded the files that I have used to edit my VQ1015 and so far it still works. For those who are interested to customise your VQ1015 firmware, you can download it here.

Since the editing process is kinda complicated, I decided why not I just explain on what I know on how to make this process happen. My VQ1015 model is the model without the built in memory.

Basically, when you have downloaded the files that I've uploaded, you will see three things in the zip file, one jar file named vqtest.jar and two folders ie firmware0612-2 and firmware0727-2 as per below:

The vqtest.jar file has to be opened with Java SE Binary for those who are using Windows.

Here's what you'll see when you open the vqtest.jar file:

The next step is press the 'Load' tab and this is where the two folders firmware0612-2 and firmware0727-2 will come into use.
In both files, you will see a file named YHTMMSF.BIN.  However, don't be confused! Though both files contained the similar named BIN file but they are totally different. I repeat, totally different. That's why it is crucial to save each BIN file in different named folders.

This is because the BIN file in each folder contains different RGB characters. Now what does this mean?

Basically, firmware0727-2 is actually a replica of the firmware which comes with your VQ1015. This is the file you will use to customise your firmware according to your preference whereas firmware0612-2 is the firmware to use if you want to produce a black and white photo with your VQ1015.

Now, back to the process on how to customise your VQ1015 firmware, press the 'Load' tab (see the one in Red box):

Upload the BIN file contained in firmware0727-2 folder and start tweaking the RGB according to your preference!

You will be able to see the effect of the changes to the RGB in the picture on the left (as you can see in my example below).

Once you have found the result you desire, save the customised firmware that you have edited. 

It is advisable to save the customised firmware in a different folder, eg edited firmware

Also note that the file must be saved in the same name as the original file.

Now, after saving the edited firmware, here comes the process of  transmitting the edited firmware into your VQ1015. This process has to be done very carefully as if it is done incorrectly, your VQ1015 could end up dead.

The first precaution is make sure that your VQ1015 is fully charged. We wouldn't want your VQ to be dead in the middle of transferring the customised firmware into your VQ.

The second precaution is take out your SD card during the transmission. 

Here's the process on how to transmit the edited firmware

1. Connect your VQ1015 using the USB connection.

2. You will see DCIM folder. Open the DCIM folder and you will see the 1001IMAGE folder.


3. Place the customised firmware file in the 1001IMAGE.

4. Safely remove the hardware. Once the computer notifies that hardware can be safely removed, pull out the USB plug. Wait until you hear a long beep followed by a short beep. 

5. Switch on your VQ and start experimenting your customised firmware by taking pictures to see the results!

Here's what I've got.

This is definitely not the best result that I have managed to get but it's all trial and error process until you find the perfect colour combination that you like.

Now, to make your VQ take black and white picture, simply repeat Step 1-5. However, for Step 3, instead of copy pasting the customised firmware, simply copy paste the BIN file contained the firmware0612-2 folder.

To revert to the original firmware given by VQ, repeat the same Step 1-5 however for Step 3, simply copy paste the original BIN file (which has not been tweaked) contained in the firmware0727-2.

For more information, you can go to this website:

Hopefully my explanation is not that complicated and for Mathias,  happy tweaking :) 


Alyssa Jane Diaz said...

Hello! I just want to ask if it's possible to tweak VQ1015R2 just like VQ1015 Entry? And if possible, can you please teach me? :)

Zaza Zarith said...

hi dear, u can refer to this website on how to tweak VQ1015R2:

I wont exactly call it is more of change of firmware so u can change to sepia n black colour.

the website tells u all of d instruction :)

i dont dare to give u a step to step guide since i cant test it myself my VQ is not of dat version...