April 2, 2011

a bottle of funny memories~

Posted by Zaza Zarith

This is a little souvenir I brought back from Indonesia just for memories' sake. Because of this little thing, I was chased by a waiter in Indonesia. I was so jakun when I saw this bottle (since in Malaysia we don't have it anymore), so I bought it and was aiming to savour each and every second of drinking out of this cute bottle and little did I know that in Indonesia, we only pay for the drink and we would have to return the bottle. So, I was drinking when somebody practically chased me to get the bottle back. I had to do a one shot on spot so that he could take the bottle. It was funny as well as embarrassing actually :) This particular bottle however, I managed to take it back after buying it at a nasi padang restaurant. I laugh every now and then when I looked at this bottle. Definitely one of my highlights thinking about my trip to Indonesia :D


velvetsugarfloss said...

hahaha that's funny..yet cute la :)