March 28, 2011

continued, EPL-1 and some of the members Part II

Posted by Zaza Zarith

So, after purchasing my first cheap lens...i became more greedy...and i desperately wanted to experiment bokeh with this new dslr and what better lens to do that than a 50mm legacy, after browsing ebay looking for a good deal, i found a 50mm f2 pentax-M lens. From the discussions on flickr, this lens fair just as good though some prefer 50mm f1.4 due to the high aperture. High aperture means greater bokeh but of course, high aperture means more money. so I settled for this one for now.

Now, as my pentax 50mm is a K mount lens, therefore I bought  myself a K mount adapter. I've been reading about the Pixco adapter. I bought it but unfortunately, it doesn't fair that well. Maybe it's just mine that is kinda faulty. It was too tight when I first attached it and getting the lens out from the adapter was a pain as it seems stuck. I managed to get it out later. But then the trouble comes again where when I tried using it again, the lens was wobbling when attached to the adapter, making it really hard for me to manually focus. The little screw on the adapter keeps on getting loose and therefore, I decided to buy another adapter. With respect, I'm not trying to give bad repo to Pixco adapter. It's just my bad luck and I really find it a hassle to return it. Plus, finding the right adapter for certain lens is a common problem and for those who are not willing to invest on expensive ones, hence my case. So, I bought a K mount adapter called Fotasy and it was just perfect for my 50mm

Now that I've got my 50mm lens and adapter in my hands, it's bokeh time. First, I tried the basic bokeh. As we all know, in order to create bokeh, we need to have a source of light. Crank up your aperture wide open and focus accordingly. And walaaa~

Now, how do you get a shaped bokeh? It was not that hard at all actually. All you need to do is first cut any shape on a piece of black cardboard paper. Make sure the shape is in the middle of the lens and covers your lens. For those who aim on getting a perfectly cut shape, you can invest on shaped puncher. I bought mine at Daiso, The Curve.

For those who are not as lazy as me, you can make a lens hood or a lens hood where you can slide the  different shaped cards for ease of use. If you followed my method, this is what you get:

Not too bad huh? :) Easy ain't it? Go and give yourself a try! It's definitely pure fun!


naqib said...

hye there,

i have been looking for 50mm lens. mind me asking, how much did you bought, with adapter ?

great effect btw

naqib said...

let me know if you got bored and thinking of selling this lens+adapter.

Zaza Zarith said...

hi naqib. thanks for reading my blog...i cant really remember exactly how much is the price of the lens but after converting to RM d price is ard 100 somethg which is definitely cheap. you rly have to search for good deals in ebay. u can try here:

if u r noy satisfied with the price, u can try searchg on ebay but do make sure that it has no fungus n dust free. with regard to the adapter, i bought mine from this seller:

one last thg, just make sure u r buying the adapter which is suitable for the mount of ur lens ie pentax 50mm k mount lens uses the k mount adapter.

hope this helps and happy shopping!

naqib said...

100? wow that is really cheap. i've been shopping around at lelong/lowyat, the best i can get is 200.

thanks for the pointers too.

Zaza Zarith said...

hi sorry naqib, when i meant 'something' meaning it was ard rm170 somethg. sorry if my info was misleading u. why dont u try pentax 50mm f1.4? i heard it is better than the f1.2...

Zaza Zarith said...

another suggestion would be u can go to the flickr 50mm group anf ask ard there whether they know where u can find a good bargain for 50mm manual lens and if any of them would like to sell their lens. sometimes u can get good info from flickr too....