March 30, 2011

continued, EPL-1 and some of the members Part IV

Posted by Zaza Zarith

Standard Number, you must be wondering right?

Got any ideas yet? Let me just let you in on the secret then~

So,  what does this bag have to do with Standard Number right? Well, when you have a camera, there's always a need for a camera bag! So this is actually a Lope Lope camera bag made by a brand known as Standard Number. The picture above was actually the box accompanied when purchasing the bag. Cool ain't it? I just love it! Hihi~ Though I got a free bag when purchasing my EPL-1, the bag was just too small and frankly speaking, didn't really match my outfits. So I wanted something which looks just like a normal bag but which is suitable to carry cameras. So I found this and I totally fell in love. 

Basically, this bag comes with a sponge camera divider therefore, it gives your camera extra protection when it is being carried in this bag. And the best part is, the sponge can be taken out and it can be used as a normal bag as well!

The bag is available in tan, dark brown, ivory and of course black. It is just too bad that the bag is about to be discontinued. I would really love for it to be produced in a bigger size and other designs coz it is just so pretty (for a camera bag, it is :))!


Keren said...

Hi, I've just bought this bag on Ebay, and I'm a little worried that maybe it is too small. Will it fit my Canon 450D + 17-70 lens connected?
What do you think?

Thanks :)

Zaza Zarith said...

Hi Keren... that is a tough question since I haven't held a canon 450D before. But from the comparison between the size of canon 450D (129x98x62mm) and oly EPL-1 (115x72x42mm), looks like the oly is much smaller and frankly, usually I will have to detach my 14-42mm lens from oly EPL-1 if i were to put other lenses since the space is very narrower. and canon 450D seems a bit thick compared to oly EPL-1. worst scenario would be you can fit the camera and the lens detached. you can take a further look at this website: it says here it could fit a canon 500D and i believe canon 450D is of similar size as canon 500D.