March 29, 2011

continued, EPL-1 and some of the members Part III

Posted by Zaza Zarith

This should be a short one.

Well, when one's got a basic lens, bokeh lens, what else does one need? A wide angle lens of course! Wide angle lens is a really good lens for landscape picture so that all the captivating scenes could be captured in one picture. Though a landscape might be beautiful, but capturing such landscape with basic lens would be such a waste as the detail of the surroundings could not be captured and such detail do make a difference to give a wow effect in a landscape picture. Well, this is all actually a recap of what I have read from numerous photoblogs...hehe~ But I have actually yet to capture landscape pictures or had the opportunity to use my JC Penny 28mm lens, another manual lens to accompany my EPL-1!

Got this lens at a really good price. Can't wait to see how it will perform. So, Ad, if you are reading this t, looking forward to our tentative plan to take pictures of the sunset...wohooooo~